About Us

Our ​Story
​We have a long family history of Butchers and Farmers dating back to 1856 in Australia.
Our family settled in Swan Reach in the 1940s.
Berthold Oscar Marks the insparation behind our modern version of the family business, Was a Butcher, Baker and Farmer here in Swan Reach.
Essentially he ran a paddock to plate style butcher shop, supplying a lot of the animals from his own farm as well as buying from other local farming families.
​Five generations later we are still growing animals and turning them into fine products.

The Cactus Bore name was adopted by Marks Pastoral Pty Ltd on the 14th September 2016, following the acquisition of a 650 acre property with several types of cactus around the water bore.

CACTUS BORE-MarksPastoralPty Ltd is family  owned and operated and we still call the small town of Swan Reach in South Australia home.

We pride ourselves on producing a premium quality product, and provide a great delivery service. 

Our Business is based on breeding, growing, marketing , packaging and delivering our Gourmet meats from our pigs, sheep and cattle.

What started out as an idea to carry on the family legacy has truly come to fruition. With plans to continue to grow with our market and the ability to do so. 
We truly cant wait for you to try your first box of Cactus Bore product.

from little things, big things grow!